The Best of CASE-MATE!

Hi guys!  I’ve been linking up with Case-Mate for a few months now, and with the partnership they have been sending me new products to try and post about.  I’ve been loving it so far – they are truly a great phone case brand with new and unique cases coming out all the time!  I never had a Case-Mate case before this, and my initial reaction was extremely positive – their cases are insaaaane quality!  Super protective.  It’s hard to find a phone case that is both cute and durable, and Case-Mate does the job.  I have been pleasantly surprised with how beautiful and quality their products are.

My absolute favourite case would be Case-Mate Brilliance Tough case in Champagne.  This case comes  with a hefty price tag of $80, but it is absolutely STUNNING.  When I first got it I couldn’t stop staring at it for the entire day… it’s so sparkly that photos do not capture it!  The name describes it perfectly as it’s also a very intensely durable case.  I really like the fact that most of their cases are dual and have a rubber bumper as well as a hardshell case.  This case is #1 of the most amazing products Case-Mate has to offer.

Next on the list…POCKETS!  When I received my pocket I was so pumped.  This thing is so handy.  It retails $15 so it is extremely affordable!  I received the pocket in rose gold.  This pocket holds two cards but could hold more if you doubled them up.  I never had a problem with cards falling off.  The back of the pocket is sticky, so once it sticks to one case… it’s pretty much there forever.  I would recommend getting a few pockets for each phone case.  Once I switch from my case with a pocket to one without it’s such an inconvenience!  It’s easy to get used to carrying around just your phone with your driver’s license and credit card attached to it!

I attached my rose gold pocket to the rose gold Karat case!

My 3rd favourite product from Case-Mate is from the Karat Collection.  This case is just as durable as the rest, although I do prefer the Brilliance Case because of the harder shell.  This case is great, but the design is nothing new, so it’s not the most eye catching on the list! This retails for $50… although I saw a verrrry similar one at H&M for a fraction of the price… you won’t get the same durability due to the dual case.


Last but not least… the Waterfall Collection!  I received black and honestly I wasn’t a fan of that colour at all.  The case was pretty but black is not cute!  It’s about the same durability as the Karat Case. I didn’t care for this one too much, but maybe another colour would have been cute.  For $40 I do not think it’s worth it!


Altogether, I would definitely recommend Case-Mate products.  Some of them are more unique than others, so it’s good to look around!  Happy shopping.


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