NA-KD Fashion Contest Haul: What I bought with $1000!

Helllooo everyone!  If you follow me on any social media, you’ll know what I’m obsessed with Swedish based online store, NA-KD.   One of my friends in Sweden introduced me to the brand, and I’ve been shopping and following along with them ever since.  NA-KD is by far the coolest and best online store that I know of (DISCLAIMER – I’m totally not paid to post this, I just actually love NA-KD… I shop online basically everyday).  They have their own NA-KD brand, and carry tons of other brands, from popular to not-so-popular and cheap to hella expensive.  I love the range that they have and they’re always dropping new collections on the site.  Ever since I found out about NA-KD I was hooked!  I also just graduated from communications at my university and I love their online marketing strategy, so this was really fun for me to follow along with.  As part of their marketing strategy, they hosted a “selfie” competition that I participated in via their instragram at one point.  The rule for the contest was to post a selfie on your instragram story and tag @nakdfashion in it.  They ended up picking my selfie as one of two finalists, and then there was a live voting stream on Facebook between me and one other girl.  I shared the post everywhere and my friends helped me out too, and I ended up winning the contest, which means I won $1000 to spend on NA-KD’s website.  Needless to say, this was THE best and most exciting contest I’ve ever won! I spent $500 on my first order and have been spacing out my other orders since I won the contest months ago, but I thought it would be cool to do a haul and show what I picked from the site.  I have a credit of $60 left so I’m not completely done with my shopping, but I’ve spent the majority so it’s time to review what I grabbed!

Item: Rut&Circle Linda Bomber Jkt | Colour: Bordeaux | Size: 34 | URL: Linda bomber jkt


Item: Trend Side Slit Coat | Colour: Dark Navy | Size: 32 | URL: Side Slit Coat


Item: X Front Strap Swimsuit | Colour: Black | Size: X-Small | URL: X Front Strap Swimsuit


Item: Cold Shoulder Midi Dress | Colour: Black | Size: xx-small | URL: Cold Shoulder Midi Dress1018-000220-0002-11169.jpg

Item: Off Shoulder Fishtail Dress | Colour: Burgundy | Size: x-small | URL: Off Shoulder Fishtail Dress



Item: Sheer Trench Coat | Colour: Army Green | Size: x-small | URL: Sheer Trench Coat


Item: Suede Pants | Colour: Light Grey | Size: x-small | URL: Suede Pants


Item: Maude | Colour: White | Size: 38 | URL: Maude


Item: Lace Satin Triangle Bra | Colour: Black | Size: Small | URL: Lace Satin Triangle Bra


Item: Shoulder Chain Bag | Colour: Grey/Black | URL: Shoulder Chain Bag


Item: Rib One Sleeve High Neck Top | Colour: Dusty Light Pink | Size: x-small | URL: Rib One Sleeve High Neck Top

Item: Nao Bodysuit | Colour: Cognac | Size: XS | URL: Nao Bodysuit

Nao Body

Item: Wrap Halterneck Midi Dress | Colour: Black | Size: XS | URL: Wrap Halterneck Midi Dress

Wrap Halterneck Midi Dress

Item: KS triangle bikini (top and bottom)| Colour: Orange | Size: Small | URL: KS triangle bikini

KS Triangle Bikini Top

Item: Eyenamour Necklace | Brand: Alona | URL: Eyenamour Necklace

Eyenamour Necklace

Item: Rayban Hexagonal Flat Lenses | Colour: Green | URL: Hexagonal Flat lenses

Hexagonal Flat Lenses

And so that is the end of my NA-KD Fashion picks from my contest winnings!  I’m obsessed with everything I bought and love ALL of the brands.  My favourite pieces are definitely the Alona necklace, the Side Slit coat and the KS bikini, but I honestly love EVERYTHING.

I highly recommend shopping with NA-KD… it ships from Sweden to my house in like 4 days right to my doorstep with DHL.  When I need to return, DHL comes and picks it up right at my house and sends it back for me!  It’s amazing.  NA-KD is about to hit 1 million followers on instagram and I’m so excited to be part of their celebration… stay tuned on their instagram account @nakdfashion!



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