Eyelash extensions? It’s a no from me…

I’ve been meaning to try eyelash extensions for the LONGEST time. When I was living in Sweden, I noticed that a lot of girls had them, but I was way too broke to experiment with them back then. I ended up buying Revitalash instead, and since my eyelashes were pretty long to start, they grew very long with the product and I never felt the need to try out extensions!The whole idea bothered me a bit, because I could just picture my eyelashes being ripped out with the long extensions weighed on them. Turns out that this is a big misconception – if you go to the right person who uses the right glue and extensions, it shouldn’t damage your natural eyelash. I do have a hard time believing that it doesn’t do some damage, though.

*that feel when you don’t need eye makeup*

Anyway, I was going on my first beach vacation in a while and thought that they would be a great thing to try out before going. (See my Cuba post!) I hate putting makeup on, especially waterproof mascara, it makes your eyelashes look so stringy and is the worrrrst to take off every night. I ended up booking an eyelash appointment with a woman that my aunt swears by who works in her own place here in Windsor. A full set only set me back $60. This is literally the best price I’ve ever heard for a full set of eyelashes, which usually range from $89-$200+. Since I wasn’t going to be set back too much financially, I definitely thought it would be worth a try! My appointment was booked a day and a half before I would arrive in Cuba, giving enough time for the glue to set (suggested not to get them wet for 2 days after they are applied).

The Appt

The appointment was an hour and a half, and it’s BRUTALLY boring. We didn’t talk the whole time (awkward) and it felt sooo weird not moving or being able to open your eyes at any point. It honestly was the weirdest feeling. Some people fall asleep but I was weirdly too tense and curious to relax that much. You can feel the technician glueing extensions to each lash. It’s insane if you think about it! These people have mad patience! After the appointment was over (thank god) I tried to open my eyes but the fumes from the glue were so powerful that it really stung me, so I had to keep them closed for a few more minutes until the glue was all dried. When I got to look in the mirror after, I definitely looked like I had makeup on, even though I had none at all going to the appointment. The eyelashes TOTALLY changed my face.

The problem? I didn’t really like the way that they changed my face. I like having more of a cat-eye style happening with longer lashes on the end corners of my eyes, but these lashes were the same length all over, meaning that my middle eye lashes were long and made my eyes look super round and big. I wasn’t a fan of that look, but it was something only I could notice. The worst part was that they looked fake. I knew that people would know right away that I had something weird going on with my lashes when they saw me so that bothered me a bit! Those were my initial reactions. I felt a bit regretful initially and I had to go to work straight after my appointment so I was pretty self conscious!

I know where I went wrong though. With a cheap appointment comes, well, not the best result usually! The woman who did my lashes barely looked at me before I laid down on the table, and only asked me if I “like my eyelashes long”. I told her that I liked them long, but not SUPER long… and thank god I said that because they were long enough! This was the only type of choosing I got to do for my eyelash extensions. I have a few friends who get them done at more expensive and reputable places and they get to choose everything from the style to the type of curl of their lashes, customizing them a bit. I kind of got the “one size fits all” eyelash style which wasn’t 100% perfect for me. That being said however, I got used to them SO quickly. After a few hours I felt normal, and waking up the next day I thought they actually looked fine. I didn’t need any makeup at all which was amazing!

Thinking back… 

So, first of all, when choosing an eyelash place you should probably splurge a bit more if you want to have extensions permanently. I knew I just wanted them for a week or so, so I went with the cheapest option, but if you’re considering getting them done religiously and getting them filled then you’ll want to have the option to customize them to your face and play up your natural looks.

Extensions + Vacation

I have to say, these things were a game changer for Cuba. I didn’t worry about makeup the entire time, and I could shower and get ready to go out at night in 20 minutes. It made life WAY easier. I didn’t feel like it was difficult to sleep with them (usually they rub off on pillows when sleeping) and they lasted the entire trip. I actually liked them a bit more when they fell out a little because they looked more natural. I got used to the way my eyes looked and even though they still looked fake, they looked a lot more natural than they did initially.

They stayed on through the ocean everyday and in the pool. The only thing that sucked was not being able to rub my eyes, especially in the salt water. When they were wet they looked very heavy in front of my eyes which was a bit annoying. Overall though, these were small problems that I had to deal with to put in minimal effort for the entire week, and it was super worth it.


When I got home I wanted them removed because I purely just wanted them for the sake of living the easy life on vacation. They were still pretty full and I tried to remove them myself with olive oil as seen on YouTube… TERRIBLE idea. I ended up irritating my eyes so badly and only a few came out. These things were SUPER stuck. I pulled out a few eyelashes and ended up going back to the lady who did my lashes in the first place so that she could chemically remove them. If you want them taken off, I highly recommend going this route. It’s too time consuming and risky try to remove them yourself.


After I took them off I felt like a naked mole rat. I actually thought I ripped out all of my eyelashes when in reality I think I was just so used to the fullness and blackness of the extensions. This is one of the major reasons why I wouldn’t get them done religiously. I’d rather work with what I have than get used to something and become dependent on it. I had the lashes for a week and when I took them off I felt EXTRA ugly. I just feel like avoiding the whole thing so that I don’t become addicted!


Would I get them again for vacation? Yes, probably. I would probably go back to the cheapest technician as well, because I expect them to get beat up on vacation and I don’t want to preserve the life of them. Would I get them permanently/with refills? Right now, I would have to say definitely not. I don’t like the idea of having to worry or be careful with my eyelashes everyday. I just don’t like being dependent on anything, especially when the lashes start to fall out and get kind of ‘tangly’ – I know I’d want a touch up or refill way to often. I just can’t commit! I also don’t like the fakeness look, I can almost always tell when someone has them done. Although I do admit that when they’re done professionally they look AMAZING on some people.

Overall, I’m glad I got to try out eyelashes but they’re just too much of a commitment for me! As I said before, for vacation I do think they’re awesome and I would consider getting them again.


One thought on “Eyelash extensions? It’s a no from me…

  1. I’ve wanted to try eyelash extensions for the longest time too, but I’m worried they’ll ruin my natural lashes! Anyway, great post! Loved this play box!! I had no idea Sephora had a monthly subscription 😭 I’ve been missing out completely! Thanks for sharing, I loved this entry. I’ve been following your blog for a bit now, definitely love.
Stop by sometime bb,
femmerewritten.com 🌷✨


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