I usually never experiment with makeup.  I was set with the brands that I knew and loved, but in the last few months I’ve decided to branch out a bit and try some new products.  For me, Summer makeup is always a struggle.  I used to be one who wore heavy makeup, always going in with the eyeshadow and foundation, but I’ve been slowly ditching lots of makeup for a more natural look.

After realizing how many makeup products there are for specific issues (like my oily skin and breakouts), I tried a bunch of different things till I decided on my absolute favourite products!  I’m calling this a summer makeup must have list because these products are light, take 5 minutes to apply and are actually good for your skin.  I’ll also be talking about what I wear on my eyes and lips!  If you want to see what those products are, read below!


I’ve always struggled with my skin, I still get breakouts pretty often although it’s way better than it used to be.  I’m so obsessed with keeping my skin clear that I spent sooo much time trying out different products to see what works best for me.  My skin is oily and sensitive.  I always wear BB cream, but I don’t like the feel of something that covers too much of my skin now that it’s more clear than it used to be.  I was using the Annabelle BB cream for the longest time, I love the colour and slight coverage that it gave me, but I wanted something a little less heavy and something that would actually benefit my skin.  Boscia is a brand that has always worked wonders for me, so I looked through their products to see if they had any BB creams that had more beneficial affects for my skin.  When I’m sweating in the heat, I don’t want to be paranoid that my BB cream is clogging my pores!


I now use a mixture of the Boscia BB cream along with a drop of the Josie Maran Liquid Gold Argan Tanning oil for face.  The Josie Maran oil broke me out at the
beginning, but the more I used it (once a day) the more my skin got used to it, and now I actually really love it.  The Boscia BB cream is a bit too drying on its own (even though I have oily skin) so the mixture of that plus a drop of argan oil is AMAZING. The argan gives it a darker colour and the BB cream matches right to my skin.  It’s so lightweight that it feels and almost looks like I’m wearing no makeup at all, but I still get an even skin tone with it.  It also has an SPF of 27 which is perfect for everyday in the summer!

I use the Boscia BB Cream (not the light colour) it blends into the skin and almost completely disappears.  It’s oil free which keeps me sane.  It’s almost like a skincare product more than a makeup product and I’m absolutely obsessed!  If you’re okay with the way your skin looks bare, then you’ll love this product.

If I want a bit more coverage, I blend BareMinerals  BarePRO Performance Wear powder on top of my t-zone with the matching brush and the finish is flawless (as long as you use the matching brush!).  The powder is made with 90% vitamins and minerals and that’s what I was using all winter before I had the Boscia BB cream.  On days that I don’t use the powder, I like to use Boscia’s Porefecting white charcoal mattifying cream on top of the BB & oil to keep my oily skin matte.


There’s not much to say about eyes… usually my go-to is a lot of mascara. I used to be obsessed with the Makeup For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara (it’s still amazing) but I quickly realized that drugstore mascaras do almost the same thing if you already have long lashes.  I’ve been using Great Lash and it’s been more than decent, also lasts forever!  I usually just use that, and a bit of eyeliner from Revlon ColourStay SKINNY Liquid liner in brown (mahogany flame).  If I’m feeling like getting a bit more dressy, I’ll swipe on some Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in the colour Hotel Lobby.  I’m obsessed with the colour and it lasts all day.  On tanned skin, it makes your eyes pop.  You only need to use like 1 drop of it and I’m sure the tube is going to last me forever!!



One (?) word: WUNDERBROW.  I use it in brunette with an angled brush. It takes like 5 seconds to swipe on some liquid and then I brush my eyebrows out with the spooly and ta da! Sweatproof, waterproof eyebrows.



I love the FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment in Nude that keep your lips looking amazing all day.  When I don’t feel like wearing lipstick, I like to line my lips with the NYX retractable waterproof lip liner in natural. It looks natural and gives a hint of colour!

Anddddd now that I officially realized how much money I spend on makeup… LOL well to be honest, it’s all worth it.  I would rather spend on my face than on my clothes because when you’re looking fab it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing!  These are all my current must have makeup products for the summer.  They’re comfortable, breathable and good for you.  They won’t leave you sticky or drippy when the sun comes out or cause breakouts (the most important thing for me!)  If you try these out, let me know what you think!


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