KKW… Worth It? 

Hey guys! I know my blog has been heavily travel based so far, but I have a lot of opinions about a lot of other things (especially makeup) so I wanted to do a mini review on the new KKW x Kylie cosmetics nude lipsticks. I actually ended up grabbing these on a whim the first time they were released. They sold out in seconds so I basically felt like a beauty blogger when my payment processed. That being said, I feel like they’re still pretty sought after and I wanted to share my take on whether or not I think they’re worth the price, and what my favourite shades are.

First things first, Kylie Cosmetics takes a while to ship to Canada (I’ve bought some of her glosses and other mattes as well, the receiving time is about 2 weeks I would say) for someone who shops online all the time, 2 weeks is a liiiittle extensive.
As you all can see/probably already know if you’re interested in the product, the packaging is SO cute. I keep all of the lipsticks still in that box and I don’t think I’ll ever take them out. It’s a nice way to store them and they still look neat and tidy. You can slide the box open to the sides to access the lipsticks.

The formula is not meant to be long lasting or matte. This made me a little bit hesitant to buy, because right now the rave is about the matte liquid lipsticks that last a while. But, if you want a nude, do you even want it to be matte…? That sounds so crusty and drying, matte nudes are almost guaranteed to flake off. I thought of these lipsticks as normal non-liquid lipsticks because I figured the wear would be the same, but I definitely expected them to be more drying than they actually are – that was a really nice surprise! The formula is best described as “melty” – it goes onto the lips very smoothly and actually very pigmented as well. The colour is not as sheer as I thought it might be. The formula feels very moisturizing on the lips, and even if you don’t exfoliate your lips 100% before applying, it is creamy enough to hide the imperfections! Basically I was expecting it to be like a MAC creme-based lipstick, and it was similar but more liquid. As much as it seemed like it was going on heavy because of the pigment, it feels like nearly nothing on the lips. It does dry slightly like the matte liquid or velvet lipsticks do, but it keeps its shine. However, because it dries a bit, I found it to be more long wearing than regular lipsticks usually are. I mean, it doesn’t last hours or anything, but I wore one of them to lunch and still had some pigment on my lips after eating and drinking. Because they’re liquid I feel like they’re super easy to reapply and touch up.

Wearing Kimmie.

Colours? They’re all amazing. They’re similar, and I find trying them all out helps you decide which one could be your “everyday” colour and which other ones might match with certain things due to their undertones. When I first got the lipsticks, I found that Kiki was my favourite shade (it’s a bit lighter) and matched me perfectly. I then went to Cuba and got some colour on my skin, and Kiki looks way too light for me now! Kimmie became my go to. It’s the darkest of the bunch. I think the colour choice will change depending on how your skin tone changes, even if it’s slight. I do still feel like I can wear the lightest shades with my tan, but Kimmie looks the most natural with my slightly darker complexion.  
Is it worth it?

With shipping and the conversion from USD to CAD, they came to about $80, which makes each of them $20 ish. To me, that’s not a bad price at all. They’re 4 full sized lipsticks. I am someone who really loves nude lipsticks and I know I’ll get my use out of them. Since the formula is so comfortable to wear and I love all the colours, I have no regrets with this purchase! They are my new everyday lips and because they’re also moisturizing I feel like I can get away with wearing them all the time without worrying if my lips look dry. I don’t think that they’re revolutionary in the lipstick game, BUT they are my favourite colours in liquid lips thus far and last decently long, so I definitely approve them and would recommend if someone is wanting to try them out and has the budget for it!


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