Hello!  It’s been foreverrrrr I know… I haven’t posted in so long.  I went to Italy in the summer and wasn’t even able to post about that, life was hectic!  I was in the middle of planning courses for my final year of university (just graduated! yaaay!), starting my new job, and also trying to make plans for my boyfriend to move from Belgium to Windsor.  Everything went successfully!  Now that I’m done school however I would like to get back to blogging and to keep it up much more.  This post will be about my most recent trip in February to Arizona and to Vegas.

Reading week took place in February and since my brother and I are/were both in University now, we had the same school breaks.  We had nothing planned until super last minute.  I wanted to go to a beach and my brother wanted to go skiing.  We were going to split up, but I came up with the idea of a happy medium — somewhere not too hot, not too cold, and filled with beautiful sites – Arizona!

We decided that it would be a good trip and something that would be beneficial for everyone, so we booked it.  Our plan was to go to Page, AZ for the Antelope Canyon, but we expanded it a bit.  We were flying into and out of Vegas, so we decided to spend a few days there as well.  Additionally, my dad really wanted to see Sedona, AZ, so we stopped there as well.  It would be boring for me to describe the exact details of my travels, so I’ll skip that and get to the good stuff!  All of the sites I saw in order are listed below!

1. Nelson Ghost Town

The town of Nelson is between Vegas and Arizona (I think that it’s in AZ though) and is a super super small town!  We got lost going there twice because the GPS took us to the wrong place but we eventually found it.  My brother found Nelson via instagram – the “ghost town” is full of abandoned trucks, houses, shops, and even has a movie prop fake plane crash monument.  In short… it’s weird.  We spent about an hour and a half there and that was too long.  I would say to stop there for 45 mins if you’re near it, but if not… just skip it!  Seeing photos on Insta is good enough, however it was still very cool to see.  Everything was so old and gave off Westworld vibes!

2. The Grand Canyon

….self explanatory.  Believe it or not, we weren’t even planning on going here because we already had tonnes of driving to do, but we thought it was a must.  Unfortunately the weather was yuccccckk and rainy and cold so we didn’t stay super long, but WOW, 10000% worth it to visit this place.  Actually it’s a must. I’ve been all over and there is absolutely nothing that compares to the grand canyon, and I only saw one tiny sliver of it. I would recommend visiting this place for at least a full day.  You can even stay in a hotel on the Grand Canyon reserve turf.  That would probably be the best way to see it.  Moral of the story is, you must go here!!!

3. Antelope Canyon

The main purpose of our trip was actually to see Antelope Canyon!  I found it on Facebook a while ago and thought it was totally fake — it’s orange, winding, smooth and too picturesque… turns out it’s legit and insanely cool.  Another MUST GO! Touring Antelope canyon can only be done with a Navajo guide who tells you about the history, the best iPhone camera settings, and takes your photos for you (amazing photos because they know all the good spots) all while keeping you safe walking through the winding maze.  We did lower antelope canyon which is apparently best to do at noon when the sun is straight above so that the rays shine through.  We did it a bit later but it was still amazing.  I guess the lower canyon is harder to walk through and the upper is a bit less cool, so if you’re capable I would definitely suggest going through the lower part.  You neeeeed to go here!  Just look at the pics!

4. Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is also in Page, AZ, and was another instagram find!  It is actually terrifying.  There are no gates or fences and the rock is super slippery so people need to be careful here. Personally I love the fact that there are no gates, it makes it feel more authentic.  Horseshoe bend was awesome!  But make sure to go when the sun is directly overhead or else you will get a shadow over the rock like I did… it’s not so pretty like that.  Horseshoe bend isn’t a must see but it’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re near Antelope Canyon anyway.

5. Sedona, AZ

Sedona was actually added to our trip super last minute, it’s just somewhere my dad always wanted to go, so we made it happen.  We did not get to stay there long at all, but we booked something epic for this part of the trip – a hot air balloon ride through the red rocks!!  This was the highlight for me.  There is truly nothing like a hot air balloon.  You usually go at like 6am and the air is so crisp.  We got to go so close to the rocks that the basket of our balloon was touching the tops of the trees.  We even saw animals walking around.  When the balloon cuts the gas, it is so absolutely peaceful and quiet, it’s mindblowing.  Truly serene.  This is, in my opinion, the #1 way to see the red rocks.  We used Red Rock Balloons for this excursion.

6. Ummm… Vegas… all of it?

Vegas is crazy.  Like, actually insane.  Of course I had no idea what to expect, and it still crushed my expectations.  We stayed at Paris (hotels on the strip are based off of different countries/cities around the world) and I really loved Paris.  We had 3 days in Vegas and that was more than enough for me.  I feel like it’s a place you need lots of money and patience for.  It’s a great place to shop, eat and people watch.  It actually just feels like a freaky hyperreality where hotels are also giant malls and simultaneously 5 star restaurants.  Oh, and not to mention, THE CASINOS!  Okay this is actually the best part, I love betting.  Everywhere has a slot machine (or 20).  Also, alcohol is free while you’re gambling, all you need to do is tip?!  Like what kind of place is this?!

Overall, my opinion of Vegas was mixed, it was weird going from the natural beauty of Arizona to the epic fakeness of Vegas, but that’s what made this trip really cool actually.  The difference in places was amplified and I loved it.  The takeaways: go on a hot air balloon, get a glass of wine at a slot machine in Vegas and walk through Antelope canyon.

Well, I’m going to be back at it now – I leave for Cuba with Milan in about 2 weeks!  Stay tuned.  Let me know if there is anything else you want me to talk about other than travel too. I might start doing more product reviews and such.


Talk soon!




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